The signature ham that Emmett's have been making since 1820. Each ham takes approximately 10 weeks to make by hand with all the curing, marinading, smoking, maturing and cooking taking place behind Emmett’s Store.
The process results in a ham that is quite special in its appearance with a black mahogany skin, strength and depth in flavour and coarseness in texture.

Item code no.: EM10, EM11, EM12

Indication of weight and serving portion are based on estimation.

Emmett’s is the oldest ham and bacon producer in the UK which has been in existence since 1820. They still operate and reside from our original premises in Peasenhall, a small village very close to the Suffolk coastline where all the ham production still takes place by hand not by machine.
Their signature product, for which they held a Royal Warrant for over 30 years to the late HM Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother, is the Suffolk Black ham. The ham is marinaded for up to 6 weeks in a black porter beer marinade prior to being hot smoked for 2-3 days over oak shavings. The resulting product has depth, coarseness and plenty of flavour.

Adapting to the changing and more sophisticated taste buds, Emmett’s have produced a large range of natural flavoured unsmoked hams using natural ingredients: Root ginger, Lime, Jasmine Tea and most recently the new Orange
All of the pork they used is sourced 5 miles away and is 100% free range. The coastline off Suffolk is perfect for pig farming in that the air and soil is dry and not too heavy. They use ONLY the leg for their hams and loins and bellies for their bacon. Their bacon is cured with natural salt not artificial nitrates The pigs are NOT fed any antibiotics or growth hormones. All the ham sold are cooked ham and bone-off (without bone). Only the Suffolk Black ham is cooked and smoked as well.



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